Monday, May 19, 2008

Marxists on Global Warming - 3 MP3s

Stop Global Warming, Changing the World? by Jonathan Neale
Neale argues that climate change could possibly be halted short of a global socialist revolution, but the enormous obstacles we face will at least require a global mass movement. Hear his strategic ideas on how we get there.
-A ResistanceMP3 from Marxism 2007

Marxism and Ecology by Alison Smith
Marx didn't know about Global warming but Alison Smith argues that Marx's historical materialism has a lot to offer the climate change debate, particularly his concept of the "metabolic rift" produced by Capitalism. She ends her talk with this key quotation from Karl Marx: "The only answer to the ecology of destruction of Capitalism is to revolutionize our productive relations in ways that allow for a metabolic restoration. This will require a break with Capitalism's own system of social and metabolic reproduction, ie the logic of profit. Because capitalism creates a contradiction within it's own reproduction that means that it cannot be sustained, and the only means to creating sustainable society is to restore this rift through revolutionizing the means of production, ie to gear production to distribution according to need as opposed to distribution for the market.
-A ResistanceMP3 from Marxism 2007

A Really Inconvenient Truth by Joel Kovel.
"In this new film Kovel argues that we need to go far beyond Al Gore's reading of the climate change crisis. The author of 'The Enemy of Nature,'
Kovel contends that global warming is directly related to the workings of capitalism."
-Against the Grain Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

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