Friday, August 29, 2008

Rep. McDermott finally admits his support for Iraq War Funding

JEREMY SCAHILL: Congressman McDermott also defended the continued funding of the war, despite his stated opposition to it, reflecting a common argument made not only by Republicans but by many leading Democrats.

REP. JIM McDERMOTT: You can’t cut off the troops’ food and medical supplies, but you can keep trying—but we have to change somebody at the top. If you don’t change the thing at the top, you’re going to have the Commander-in-Chief continue to run a game and make—force you into supporting it. And I know there are some who think what we should have done is just stop funding the war, but that’s like Newt Gingrich trying to shut down the government as a way of—a blunt instrument like that is not a way it works in a democracy. You have to keep pressing and pressing and pressing. And we’re going to have a new president, and we will start the process.

DemocracyNow August 26, 2008

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