Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mayor Greg Nickles refuses to give up Bio Diesel.

Biofuels make us really angry

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Duff said...

We’re fast losing Our Planet to our Climate Crisis.

It is past time to expose climate criminals like Seattle mayor Greg Nickels and Washington governor Chris Gregoire who order the destruction of our Livable Earth through biofuels.

At the March 28 Green Festival at the Washington Convention Center, Greg Nickels was placed under Citizens’ Arrest by One Earth Climate Action Group. Because of his wanton use of biofuels, Nickels is accused of Crime Against Humanity and Crime Against the Earth.

The City of Seattle is the leading consumer of crop-based biofuels in the NW, and plans for more. Seattle burns a 40% biodiesel blend in its vehicles. Gregoire signed a law, effective June 1, 2009, ordering all state-owned, diesel-powered ferries, trucks and cars to burn a 20% biodiesel blend.

On March 28, I stepped outside the law that protects climate criminals like Nickels and Gregoire. I willingly risked arrest and jail by jumping up on stage with Nickels. Police grabbed me and forcibly removed me from the Green Fest stage as I served our Citizens’ Arrest Warrant on Nickels.

Hope this gets your blood pumping! Our One Earth needs you...now.

Join us!